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State Convention

State Convention

Elkhorn South High School, host of the 2014 NASC State Convention!

Hey, NASC, get ready for the State Convention at Elkhorn South High School!

Elkhorn South will be the 2014 host for the annual state convention and state executive board meeting. Details are still being worked out, but at this point, you can expect Launch Leadership, Inc. Staff, an outstanding keynote speaker, leadership training, and a great time! Mark your calendars for Friday, October 17th. Make plans now for buses - consider buspooling with a nearby school or your more schools from within your NASC District - to make sure you attend this incredible event.

The NASC State Convention is hosted each fall by a senior high member school. Over a thousand student council members and advisers from across the state gather for a day of information, inspiration, networking, and fun.

The State Convention is also the official annual business meeting of NASC. Delegates from member schools vote on state officers and conduct other association business.

  • If your council would like to host the next state convention, all you have to do is fill out a short proposal and present to the Executive Board. You can access the proposal here. If you have further questions, contact Executive Directors, Mike Musil or Kyrie Nehls at

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