What would you like to know about NASC?

The "About Us" section provides the basics about who we are, why we exist, how we're structured, etc. It gives a brief overview of the terrific people who have made this organization what it is today.

NASC is...

The Nebraska Association of Student Councils is an organization dedicated to promoting student leadership in Nebraska. High school and middle school student organizations across the state pay annual membership dues and participate in conventions, workshops and other activities sponsored by NASC.

NASC has no paid staff. We are a nonprofit corporation governed by an all volunteer board of directors. Our programs and activities are conducted by a diverse group of volunteers dedicated to student leadership. We are sponsored locally by the Nebraska State Association of Secondary School Principals (NSASSP).

The mission of the NASC Volunteer Staff is to promote and develop youth leadership as a tool with which to better ourselves, our schools, and our communities.