Past Award Recipients

Past Award Recipients

John Lux Award

This is presented annually to a member of the NASC Volunteer Staff in recognition of outstanding long-term contributions to promoting youth leadership in Nebraska. Each year's recipient is chosen by the previous recipients, with the award traditionally presented at the NASC Summer Leadership Workshop. The award--which for the first three years was unnamed--was named in 1981 in honor of the late Dr. John Lux, a long-time Nebraska educator who was the founder of the NASC Summer Leadership Workshop. It is the Volunteer Staff's highest formal honor.

1978 Rick Alloway
1979 Bob Thomas

1980 Leroy Hughes
1981 Marne Miller
1982 Mark Schulze
1983 Frank Kros
1984 Bob Knuth
1985 Charlotte Sylvia
1986 Mary Murray
1987 Jeff Conway
1988 Barb Applegate
1989 Rick Zaporowski

1990 Leisa Larson
1991 Shannon Parker
1992 John Rood
1993 Scott Osborn
1994 Mitch Parker
1995 Eric Westra
1996 Bryan Seyfarth
1997 Doug Gibbins
1998 Barry Bedlan
1999 Susan Townsend

2000 Benjamin Spence
2001 Ian Barnes
2002 Randy Hawthorne
2003 Jenni Luettel
2004 Maher Jafari
2005 Michelle Sullivan
2006 Mike Greene-Walsh
2007 Julie Bogenreif
2008 Jay Wilkinson
2009 Thad Standley
2010 Amy Batten

2011 Brandi Roeber
2012 Lincoln Arneal