Volunteer Staff

Volunteer Staff

Volunteer Staff

The NASC Volunteer Staff is a group of educators, professionals, and college students dedicated to conducting year-round activities in support of NASC and its goals. Most Volunteer Staff members are former student council members, and many are alumni of the NASC Summer Leadership Workshops. The Volunteer Staff consists of both seasoned veterans (some with over 30 years experience) and energetic new staffers, working together with the NASC Board to provide leadership training for Nebraska's youth.

Programs conducted for NASC by the Volunteer Staff include...

  • Three annual Summer Leadership Workshops

    Senior Leadership Workshop
    Advanced Leadership Workshop
    Junior High and Middle School Workshop

  • NASC Alumni Program

  • One-Day Workshops, conducted for individual member schools throughout the year

  • Publication of the NASC Leadership Guide

  • Assist with State and District conventions

For more information about these and other opportunities for NASC members, see the "Programs and Activities" section. For more information about volunteering with NASC, click on the "Get Involved" section.