Apply for the Board

Board Application

Any student in grades 9, 10, or 11 wishing to run for a State Office, should submit this form no later than October 1st. Some of the information will be directly copied into our fall newsletter, sent out right before State Convention.

Outstanding student leaders are needed to serve as NASC State Officers. The State President and Vice President are elected at the State Convention, while the Secretary is appointed by current Executive Board members. All officer candidates must be freshmen, sophomores, or juniors at an NASC member school, and must have attended the NASC Summer Leadership Workshop. Chief responsibilities include participation in four Executive Board meetings (September, the night before State Convention, January, and April), as well as the LEARN orientation retreat; promotion of the state charity and service projects; and representing NASC at district, state, regional, and national events. Direct questions to: Kyrie Nehls ( and Mike Musil (

All candidates must attend the NASC board meeting on the night before the state convention at the host school. All candidates must be present at State convention for the entire convention and the new state officers will be sworn in at the conclusion of the day at closing session. First meeting/ officer training will occur shortly after the state convention.

Secretary candidates:
-At the state board meeting you will record and share minutes as well as share your platform & answer any questions that the board may have.
-Following the meeting, all NASC Board voting members will cast their vote for Secretary.
-Throughout the year, the secretary takes care of correspondence, meeting minutes, and assists with the newsletter and website.
Vice Presidential and Presidential candidates...
-At the NASC State Board meeting, you will share your service project idea (VPs) and state charity (Pres.).
-These must be approved by the NASC board.
-Candidates will also be asked questions by the board.
-At opening session of State Convention you will have 3 minutes to speak to the delegates. YOU WILL BE CUT OFF AT THREE MINUTES AND MUST NOT CONTINUE AFTER THAT POINT.
-You will also attend a session with the two voting delegates from each NASC school where you will be asked questions by the voting delegates.

Acceptance of Responsibilities
By initializing below, all candidates for any office, agree that they have read and agree to the information presented above.
By selecting the office below, I agree to meet all expectations outlined on this entire application for this office. (responsibilities for each office are listed above.)
Candidate Information
Summer Leadership Workshop Co-op Letter and Co-op Leader Name
President & Vice-President: Please write a paragraph introducing yourself and listing your platform. This information will be directly copied into our October newsletter. Please limit your comments to 200 words or less.