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Secretary Expectations

The responsibilities of the State Secretary are:
• Record, edit, and submit complete minutes of Executive Board meetings four times a year (September, February,
and April; as well as the night prior to and during State Convention); minutes must be submitted within one week of the meeting
• Keep minutes and record votes at the State Convention Voting Session
• Attend state and district activities when possible
• Serve as the student liaison to the NASC web site
• Attend designated National events
• Attend the LEARN (Learn Everything About Running NASC) retreat in January

This office will be appointed by the Executive Board at the NASC annual meeting during State Convention. Please plan to attend the meeting the night prior to State Convention at the host school to introduce yourself, take minutes, and present your platform to the state board.

While most of the expenses of the State Officers will be paid by NASC, the State Officers will be responsible for paying a portion of their way to National Convention personally. NASC will cover the registration and hotel during the convention. Pretrip costs will be paid by the officer.