Join Alumni Organization

Join Alumni Organization

Join Alumni Organization

Did you attend an NASC Workshop while you were in high school? If so, then we invite you to re-stoke The Fire by joining our NASC Alumni Organization.

This new service is a way for former delegates and staff to stay connected with each other and to help ensure that Workshop remains the life-changing experience it has been for Nebraska's youth since 1962.

Think about it... for over four decades, Nebraska's best and brightest young people have taken the leadership skills they learned at NASC and put them to good use in "the real world." NASC alums are leaders in the fields of education, politics, medicine, business, entertainment... the list goes on and on.

Members of the NASC Alumni Organization will enjoy...

  • the quarterly NASC newsletter, The Torch

  • the annual Nebraska Student Council Yearbook

  • access to message boards in the Alumni section of this Web site

  • periodic reunions and social activities

  • the satisfaction of helping other Nebraska students catch The Fire

For more information contact our NASC Alumni Chair at