Choose to Lead

Choose to Lead

It may have been just last year or even a decade ago since you’ve felt the spark of NASC Workshop. But we all know that once we’ve caught the spark, it stays with us for a lifetime. We each have special memories of our time at Workshop and have used the skills we learned.

It gets to be this time of year and, whether you can participate or not, you can’t help but think about Summer Leadership Workshop. Current NASC Volunteer Staffers are certainly turning their attention to Wayne, America where they’ll orchestrate another life-changing five days for hundreds of middle school and senior high student leaders.

Just last year we celebrated 50 years of volunteer service to student leaders. You’re a part of the rich history of our organization that has made an impact on so many students’ lives. Now, with three thriving and expanding Leadership Workshops and an ever-growing menu of year-round services, the needs continue to grow. That’s why we must rely on individuals like you to keep the fire burning.

We know you have many organizations that could use your support. We ask that you consider NASC this year. Here’s how you can help:

Student Scholarship – Gifts to this fund help NASC provide scholarships to students who would otherwise not have access to Workshop.

General Donations – Any donation to this fund helps NASC cover general expenses associated with running Workshop, year-round services, technology updates and staff development.

We ask that you choose to give today and make a difference in the lives of a student leader. If you’d rather send a check, we appreciate your envelope and postage as a gift. Just download the form to get started.

Keep The Fire