Scholarship Program

Workshop General Scholarship Fund

Each year we award scholarships to students throughout the state who would otherwise have difficulty affording the regular registration fee. We attempt in every way possible to keep the registration fee reasonable while covering our costs of producing our quality Workshops. All Volunteer Staffers at the Workshop are not paid.

Most of our scholarship dollars are provided through fundraising efforts within our 200 Volunteer Staff members throughout the country. On occasion we receive funding from parents or matching funds from companies to help send students to Workshop.

The good news is you can help! This Workshop is a rewarding experience for a good majority of our attendees. We consistently receive positive evaluations from over 95% of our participants. As we continue to ponder why kids are bringing guns to schools, it’s refreshing to find organizations that help students build self-esteem and leadership skills while making positive connections to other students, their schools and their communities. We strive to create a safe, positive environment for EVERYONE to explore and grow as an individual while understanding how to respect others.

It is our goal as the NASC Volunteer Staff to provide quality programming and services to as many students throughout Nebraska as possible. We currently provide many services as listed in this brochure. We have a wish list to provide many more. If you would be interested in acquiring the NASC Volunteer Staff annual report to learn more about our financial goals and wish list, please contact:

Amy Batten, Executive Director NASC Volunteer Staff
P.O. Box 4069
Omaha, NE 68104-4069