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Leadership Articles

Is Student Council a popularity contest?

Yes and no. It depends how your council is elected: with a popular or all school vote. Many elections are popularity contest, hence the word the word popular. Other councils have gone to point systems with essays, recommendations and interviews that will give more weight to a person, their achievements and their passion for Stuco.

To a large extent Student council is a popularity contest, at least it is to get on council. However, what students take away from council is not a result of their popularity, it’s a result of their hard work.
- Ben Polly

It shouldn’t be, but realistically, sometimes it is. The way to make sure that it isn’t is to pull and advertise that offices are open to many types of people. I think the best way to get an awesome council is to have those popular people involved, so the rest of the school is, but to encourage those who wouldn’t be in council regularly to run and get their ideas heard.

I believe in some schools, yet it is. But I don’t believe this is true in every school. Most of the time a popular person is outgoing, social and already involved in school activities, so they could be a good candidate for a student council position and a leadership opportunity. Where an average student votes, they want to recognize a candidate as someone they like and can trust. Sometimes this can be misconstrued and made to seem that these people are only popular and have nothing to contribute to a leadership organization. In schools with an open council, everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute skills and ideas. In these cases, popular as well as not-so-popular people can make an effective and efficient student council. In some cases there are schools where student council is not a popular thing to do.
- Kelsey Kern