Leadership Articles

Leadership Articles

What one piece of advice would you give a new student council member?

I would suggest they get as involved as possible. The more things you help out with the better idea you have on what student council is like. This way you have the opportunity to step up in leadership positions in the future. You can also make fair judgments of the events and decide whether to keep them in the future, or even whether to attend them.
- Ashley Ulven

Get involved! Step up and volunteer! Share your gifts, that’s why you’re there!
- Kelsey Kern

Get Involved. Make sure that you stand up and help out with the things that interest you. Otherwise you might be doing something you don’t like making you potentially unproductive.
- Natalie Johansen

Realize that you are a representative of the student body. Not only during meetings and student council functions, but everyday. Take this responsibility seriously, it’s not a popularity contest, you got on for a reason. Now show why you deserve it. Do as much as you can. You may not get recognized for everything that you do, but that shouldn’t matter. Do every job that is asked of you and that you are capable of. If you think you don’t have enough time or need help, ask someone to assist you. Never think a job is below you. Never delegate something that you’re not willing to do. At the same time have fun. Make friends and enjoy the time you have on student council. You can make a difference. Being on student council is something you will remember forever; make it a happy, memorable experience.
- Lindsay Strizek

My one piece of advice would be for you as a new member to start getting involved. Jump into any activity and ask what you can do. Student council is a lot of fun. You learn so much as a leader and about yourself. Volunteer for different activities – give your suggestions on how to improve things.

Get involved! Don’t act like you run the place, but let people know you are there to help when they need it. Just be yourself.
- Chad Kilpatrick

Get involved. Seek a leadership position.
- Ben Polly

Be organized. Write everything out in detail as to how you envision your project so everyone is on the same page.
- Alex Moustakes