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Leadership Articles

What’s the biggest mistake you made on Student Council?

The biggest mistake I made on council was not to apply my sophomore or junior year.

Not trusting the delegation. But then over delegating. You must find a balance.
- Natalie Johansen

If I could have done one thing differently on Student Council, I would have delegated more responsibilities.
When you’re an officer, a committee leader or just in charge of something, it’s easy sometimes to take on all the responsibilities yourself instead of delegating. Whether it’s because we want to make sure a task gets done right, the satisfaction of doing it on our own or the recognition of your peers, a lot of us have done it.
But true leaders delegate. If one person takes on too much, they could burn out. Even more importantly, leaders should delegate for others. True, leaders develop leadership in others and one of the best ways to do that is to give them a chance to take responsibility and contribute to the success of the group.
Remember that you need to let other people struggle and strive for things too. You’re not a babysitter; you’re a leader. But even though you’re letting them do things on their own, you should be there to help them when they are having problems. Leaders should be a guide, a role model and a teacher. If you’re delegating you tasks correctly, you can be all those things.
- Keith Wysocki

Allowing members to take charge of council and create a clique out of the organization. I wish I would have understood that impact it was truly having on the rest of the council and stopped this isolation and tension their group was causing.

I would not be excited for a project I was heading. This set myself up for failure. Talk your project up no matter what.
- Alex Moustakes