State Service Project

State Service Project

A Note From Your Vice President, Jacob Lambert:

Hey, NASC! As your vice president, I have chosen two very worth projects on which to work. The first is Special Olympics' Project Unify. The important project encourages regular education students to work more with students with intellectual disabilities. For example, your school might host a craft night during which regular education students partner up with intellectual disability students to assemble crafts. Your school might host a fishing event where regular education students partner up and go fishing for an afternoon. It's not difficult to be identified as a Project Unify School, just make an effort to work more with those who have intellectual disabilities.

For more information on Project Unify and Special Olympics, see their website

Campaign Against Bullying

As your state vice president, you'll also remember my platform speech. I wanted our state to begin to focus on the issue of bullying and how we can begin to combat it.

Here is a simple list of what your school could do to begin to address it - certainly these aren't the only activities, but it's a start. And until we begin to take a stand against it, we really are condoning it.

Raising awareness about bullying at your school, as well as around the country.

Promoting the “Spread The Word To End The Word Campaign”.

Hosting an assembly to speak out against bullying.

Getting an anti-bullying speaker to speak at your school.

Getting members of your council to stop bullying when and where they see it
within your school, and starting a chain reaction of the same with their peers.

  • Use this form to record your school's projects and hours towards the state service projects of Project Unify and REACH.

Project Unify Projects going on throughout the state:

Kaitlynn at North Platte High School says her school has worked on the following:

1-Game Night
We host a game night for our special education kids. We play games like red-light green-light, simon says, ect. We also make some kind of craft every year. We made masks this year and the kids really enjoyed wearing them all night. We also did a cake walk for the kids and their families, making sure everyone won at least once.
We take all the special education kids to bowling night. It's a blast!