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As leaders of Nebraska, we will be the catalyst of positive change among students

at the local, state, and national levels.

We are N A S C, the Nebraska Association of Student Councils. Where you Learn to lead and Lead to learn.

Together with you, NASC wants to help you

Learn to

  • be an effective middle and high-school student council
  • idea share among student leaders and advisors across Nebraska, the nation, and beyond
  • network with other student leaders and advisors across the country
  • develop your leadership and adviser skills through our on-going training

So you can lead to learn.

Lead to

  • create positive change in your school, community, state, and beyond
  • learn and lead to serve others
  • make a difference in others' lives
  • learn that the time you make a difference may be the time when no one is looking

Lead on!

NASC is sponsored in part by the Nebraska Association of Secondary School Principals