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Learn to lead. Lead to learn. While the cost of leadership is very little, there are costs to facilitate the training and programming NASC offers.

Learn - what we pay for

  • The costs for the website from which you're reading
  • Annual scholarships
  • Annual awards including student, adviser, and school administrator recognition
  • We partially pay for three state officers to attend the national NASC conference each summer
  • We pay for students to attend a Region 5 Student Leadership Summit
  • We pay for students to attend Summer Leadership Workshop
  • On-going training for advisers

NASC is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization, so any marginal "profit" is returned to students, advisers, and schools for leadership training. Quite simply, we learn to lead and lead to learn with very little money.

Lead - how you can help?

Take a moment to make a donation to NASC. The programming and awards go back to those who need it most - those who will go on to lead. Any donation helps. Donors of $100 or more are considered Torch Keepers receive a gratitude plaque, recognition on NASC's website, and electronic newsletters.

It's estimated student councils help contribute an equivalent of $26,000 annually through service projects. A small donation to help NASC promote leadership, community service, and charitible acts can make a substantial difference in our communities. So won't you take a moment to help NASC continue to help Learn to lead and Lead to learn? By making a quick online donation, your donation will help get training to those who want it most - students and advisers who will  make a difference in your communities. Your donation will also help those students, advisers, and schools get the recognition they deserve.

Email Mike Musil ( or Kyrie Nehls ( for information and tax deduction information and make your donation today.